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 Ringdoll new limited Frankenstein Ringdoll新限定弗兰肯.斯坦因

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Ringdoll new limited Frankenstein Ringdoll新限定弗兰肯.斯坦因 Empty
PostSubject: Ringdoll new limited Frankenstein Ringdoll新限定弗兰肯.斯坦因   Ringdoll new limited Frankenstein Ringdoll新限定弗兰肯.斯坦因 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 02, 2011 7:33 am

Franken Stein, a man with a name of his creator, was been treated as a unnatural guy for years, and kept a lonely way of living.

For him, animosity is the only way to get rid of Loneliness. That was so sad……

Finally, he forced Dr Stein to create a "girl" for him, wishing she could be his Eva.

Now, let's dressed him up, let's get ready to watch a romance.This time, can we meet the girl who might cure his broken heart? ……(from ringdoll website)


Ringdoll new limited Frankenstein Ringdoll新限定弗兰肯.斯坦因 Medish

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Ringdoll new limited Frankenstein Ringdoll新限定弗兰肯.斯坦因
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