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 Ai Early Winter Promotions Ai促销活动

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Ai Early Winter Promotions Ai促销活动 Empty
PostSubject: Ai Early Winter Promotions Ai促销活动   Ai Early Winter Promotions Ai促销活动 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2011 4:00 pm

Duration:November 15th~November 30th

1.basic Ai dolls :
Bisou,Ange,Enfant,Junior 40% off
Petite,Little Junior,The Ai 50% off

2. Purchase of 150$ or above(freight is not included),
can enter a random lucky drawing ,
Three of which will have a cute Enfant(randomly choose ) as a gift.

3. Gift head(optional) for each Basic doll

4. November special offer 40% off
On purchase Junior fairy ,Junior prayer head is presented
(goods sold exclude make up)

5. On purchase Bisou, Ange, Petite , a cute doll's pouch will be presented

1.基本Ai 娃 :
Bisou,Ange,Enfant,Junior 6折
Petite,Little Junior,The Ai 5折

2. 购买150刀或以上(不包括运费),

3. 每只Basic娃都会有一个赠品头

4. 11月接Junior fairy ,Junior prayer 头6折
5. 接Bisou, Ange, Petite ,送可爱睡袋

还有Crazy Ange Ai活动~貌似390RMB一个娃?
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Ai Early Winter Promotions Ai促销活动
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