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 Lati New Chrismas LE! Lati黄系新限定

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Lati New Chrismas LE! Lati黄系新限定 Empty
PostSubject: Lati New Chrismas LE! Lati黄系新限定   Lati New Chrismas LE! Lati黄系新限定 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2011 11:40 am

Lati's new Le for Chrismas has upadte on Lati's website!!
It's really a new feel!! This time the Le have some differences
Lati 新的圣诞限定在网站上更新了!!这次的限定和以前不同,让人耳目一新! Very Happy
Lati New Chrismas LE! Lati黄系新限定 Medish

The Sugar Plum fairy——Coco yellow
TheDear——Benny yellow
The Mouse King——Belle yellow
The Prince——Lea yellow
The Soilder—— Mystic Lea yellow
The Princess——Lumi yellow
Clara——Mystic Lumi yellow
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Lati New Chrismas LE! Lati黄系新限定
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